Teacher’s Supplementary Materials

Teacher's Walkthrough Notes

The walkthrough notes for each lesson give hints on how the materials can be exploited to the maximum benefit of the students. Later, I will post supplementary activities that can be used easily and effectively with each unit, or for review. Please feel free to contact me on any matter.

It’s got to be fun!


These materials can be used as review or extend the course over more than 15 lessons.

English Clip - Vacations (First class after a vacation, review of EC2)

Find Someone Who - Summer Vacation Mingle

English Clip - Describing Objects

Present Simple Talk About Board Game

Present Simple Talk About S&L Snakes & Ladders - more exciting!

Past Simple - Busy Weekend Game

Past Simple - Talk About Board Game

Past Simple Talk About S&L Snakes & Ladders - more exciting!

Advice Problems Mingle

Advice What Kind of Student (Student awareness questionnaire)

Permission -  Is It Okay Game

Present Perfect - Brighton in the Rain Song - Gary Friel

Tell Us About - board game Qs S&L (Classic) with snakes & Ladders!

Snakes & Ladders blank.pdf Fun game to practice anything!

Presentation Basic 2017.pdf

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Aims - EnglishClip Concise English Speaking Course

Fun - It must have lots of English speaking activities that the students can enjoy and have fun with.

Flexible - It can be used for one semester of 15 classes, or easily extended to 30 classes with supplementary materials. It will provide a supporting structure for lower-level students and a sound starting point for students of a higher level. There will be many opportunities to pursue student-centered activities including games, surveys, presentations and projects etc.

Economical - It should require only one side of A4 paper for a 90 minute class and make English text more accessible to students in counties where textbooks are too expensive. It should also be light, easy to carry around, and easy to reproduce.

Interesting - It will have a useful mixture of topical and functional English using the standard RSA (Royal Society of Arts) approach of controlled, lesser controlled and free practice stages to give students the context and confidence to speak.

Concise - It will contain a high input of vocabulary and activities in a very compact form.

Updated January 6th 2017. There are no major changes. I have made a few slight tweaks. If you still need 2017 Edition feel free. EnglishClip 2017

Updated January 22nd 2018. I have rearranged Clip 4 and made a few tweaks.

Self-study - Review Puzzles (for smart students only)                        Pair Work Crosswords

Intro & Weekend        PLAY Crossword  ▼pdf      PLAY Word-search ▼pdf                   Intro & Weekend PW

People                        PLAY Crossword             PLAY Word-search                         People PW

Advice & Lifestyle      PLAY Crossword             PLAY Word-search                         Advice & Lifestyle PW

Permission                 PLAY Crossword             PLAY Word-search                         Permission PW

Shopping & Clothes   PLAY Crossword             PLAY Word-search                         Shopping & Clothes PW

It’s Different               PLAY Crossword             PLAY Word-search                          It's Different PW

Opinions                    PLAY Crossword             PLAY Word-search                          Opinions PW

Food                          PLAY Crossword             PLAY Word-search                          Food PW

Experiences              PLAY Crossword             PLAY Word-search                          Experiences PW              

Invitations                  PLAY Crossword             PLAY Word-search                          Invitations PW

The Future                PLAY Crossword             PLAY Word-search                           The Future PW

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