Ken’s Special Sausage Pasta

What you need

First, you need sausages, like my friend in the picture above who is never without them!

It is very important which sausages you use; they have to be good quality. I use Asda’s Extra Special range, the smoked pancetta and black pudding ones are good too. Pork and leak, or really any of the fairly course ones like the English Cumberland are great. You need the meaty chunky type!

How to make it

The method could not be simpler, slice one large onion and put them into big frying pan. Squeeze the sausage meat out of the sausages in small balls, or simply cut into 2cm sections, add to the onions, and fry until brown.

Then, add lots of garlic, 5 big chopped cloves at least and 7 or 8 sun-dried tomatoes. Don’t panic if they disintegrate; it just improves to the flavor. Dice a small fresh chili (seeds and all) and add that.  Also, add pepper to season. Then, chop 7 or 8  large fresh tomatoes into quarters, and add them to the mix. You can use a tin of chopped tomatoes if fresh ones are not available. Next, add either half a cup of water or wine. I prefer white wine or even beer. Also, add a good squeeze of tomato puree. Then, put a lid on the pan and simmer it gently for around an hour. 

Leave it to cool, and warm it up again when you want to eat it. It gets better the longer you leave it. When you heat it up, you can remove the lid until the sauce thickens to the consistency you want. I usually remove the tomato skins, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t.

The Serving

Serve with the pasta of your choice and fresh gran panno or parmesan cheese.

Fresh queen olives and some really nice crusty bread go very well with it. Rye bread with added rock salt and virgin olive oil, baked in the oven until crispy! Yummy... Fresh coriander is nice sprinkled on top if you would like a little spice, or fresh basil, for that really Italian taste.


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