The Gods Must Be Crazy


The Gods Must Be Crazy was written and directed by Jamie Uys. It is set in the Kalahari Desert a massive semi-arid area that covers almost a million square kilometers of Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. The main characters are Xi played by N!xau, who was not actually an actor, but a bushman chosen to play the role. Marius Weyers takes the part of biologist Andrew Steyn, who becomes a bumbling idiot in the presence of women. Sandra Prinsloo supplies the glamour, playing the part of Kate Thompson, who comes to teach the children.

The story begins in a documentary style contrasting the “great” achievements of western civilization, with peaceful simplicity of primitive life in the desert. Xi lives a content life with his tribe in the bush. The gods provide everything they need, food, water and shelter. They are unaware that that white people even exist. One day the pilot of a small airplane flying over the desert throws an empty Coka Cola bottle out of the window. Xi finds the bottle, and not having a clue what it is, thinks it is a gift from the gods. His tribe find it to be a very useful tool to do many things. Soon the peace and harmony of the tribe is replaced by anger and envy. There is only one of these magical tools, and everyone wants to use it. When people start to get hurt fighting over the bottle, Xi decides to return it to the gods and sets off on a journey to find them...


This is a classic comedy movie that will have you rolling around in fits of laughter. It is very visual so you don’t need to catch every word to enjoy it. It has been released on DVD with subtitles in many languages. For studying English, try to get on with English subtitles.

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