Arts and culture

                                               Extraordinary topics for arty people and culture vultures. Read the

                                               article and try the crossword > New! The Tour de France

Learning English through movies

                                               How to have fun learning English with movies. There are so many ways.

                                               Read a review of the classic comedy > The Gods Must Be Crazy

Books for English language learning


                                               Listen and read vocabulary fun! Loved by all > Alice in Wonderland

                                               Teachers! Check it out > English Clip FREE Course Book                         

                                               New! Easier crosswords on grouped topics, take a look!

                                               New! Intermediate crosswords on grouped topics, try!

Learn English through food

                                               Need food vocabulary? Read the recipes and try the crosswords!

                                               Very fast and easy to make > Cordon Bleu Cheats

English learning and teaching information

                                               Helping you with self-study - Power learning using movies

                                               Power teaching Teach English using movies 

                                               Always New English Learning Daily

Funny listening podcast

                                               Practice your listening, get new vocabulary and have a laugh >     

                                               with Justin and Ralph. New! Sven special guest >

English through songs

                                               Improve your listening and vocabulary with these wonderful artists >

                                               Listen to this angelic singer from Yorkshire. Try Kate Rusby

Vocabulary building games

                                               Read the article and try the crossword. Learn new words and    

                                               express yourself more! > The Silent Language of Love

Start writing in easy steps

                                               Have to write something in English? Try this step-by-step guide

                                               Look > Basic Guide to Punctuation and Free Grammar Checking

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2. Lady Goose

3. Everything Extra

4. Monkey Business

5. Incredible Likeness of Being

Most Liked Artists

1. Madilyn Bailey

2. Alex G

3. Kate Rusby

4. Sara Skinner

5. Ciara Catalla

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