Grammar Checking


The Bad News

Microsoft Word has a grammar checker, but it is for native English speakers and offers a list of corrections to choose from. This can be very difficult for English learners. There are many other grammar-checking tools online too, but some of them are very expensive and need quite a high-level of English to use them well. Others are complicated or produce unreliable results.

The Good News

Spellcheckpluspro is an online grammar checking tool that is easy to use. It helps you find common spelling and grammar mistakes and explains how to fix them. It makes no automatic changes, so working with it you can learn a lot about grammar and improve your writing skill. One nice feature is that it does not show all your mistakes at once. If you keep working in the window and press check text, it will show mistakes little by little.

I think anyone who tries this will soon see the advantages of it. The best thing is that it is free to use the basic version. If you pay a very small fee, Spellcheckpluspro will make quizzes based on your mistakes. You can watch this video and see how it works, or just go to the site, paste in your writing, and try it for yourself. Spellcheckpluspro is a very good grammar learning tool.                                                                                        

Danger - Take Great Care

This is a grammar checking tool. It can only find common mistakes, but it can NOT make grammar. When you are working with it, you have to decide for yourself if the result is correct. It is a machine and does not know what you are trying to say. If you use it foolishly, you will destroy your work. Spellcheckpluspro is one of the best for English learners. It will make you think about your grammar, and that is very helpful. You will soon begin to see the common errors you are making, and you will stop making them. If you have some English writing to do, give this a try. Finding your grammar and spelling mistakes before your teacher does, can be so rewarding. Click here to go >>

Note: has no affiliation with Spellcheckplus. I think it is very helpful to English learners.