Vocabulary How to learn English words


Use a notebook

One important thing is collecting new vocabulary in one place. A good way to do this is to use a B5 notebook. Whatever you are studying, use the front of the book for making notes when you are finding new words. It may seem old fashioned in these days of tablets and smart phones, but working with words physically really helps you remember them.

Weekly Top 5

Set yourself a goal of really learning at least 5 words a week using the English Vocabulary Top 5 worksheet. You can set your goal higher if you like. Every week choose 5 words from the front of your notebook and add them to your Top 5 at the back. Keep saying the word out loud when you are working with it, and try to draw a picture if possible. Choose new words that are interesting and useful for you in conversation.

Top 5 Quiz

One week after writing your Top 5, quiz yourself by writing the five sentences containing your new words on this Top 5 Quiz worksheet. Then, check your notebook to see if you are right. Get a friend to read words randomly from your Top 5 in your language. You say the word in English, and then your sentence.

Build a wordlist on Quizlet

In the previous post, I introduced the Quizlet website. If you add your Top 5 vocabulary to the same word set every week, you will soon have a great collection to play games with and test yourself. Adding them to the word set will also help you to remember them.

How can I improve my English?

This is a question students often ask. The answer is; reading regularly. If you do this, you will be able to see how words are used in the context. It will help you to understand how to use new words properly. When you are reading, highlight any new words but don’t stop reading. Just try to guess the meaning. When you finish reading, add the highlighted words to your vocabulary list and check them in your dictionary. Add the interesting ones to your Top 5.


I use this with my classes as part of the homework every week. At the beginning of each class, with notebooks closed, the students tell their partners their Top 5 words and sentences from the week before. Two or three times a semester, I give a written Top 5 Quiz using the worksheet above. This is a random quiz, so the students really do try to learn the words and sentences. They enjoy the challenge and agree that this really does help them to learn new words.

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