How to learn English with movies


How to learn English using movies at home

Power learning with movies is a challenge but if you really try you can really boost your English skills, here’s how. Find a movie that you like with English audio subtitles. If you can find one with subtitles in your language that is good as it can be helpful.


Watch a short clip, about one minute, without subtitles. Listen a few times and write down any words you can hear in the front of your Top 5 notebook. You may only catch one or two words at first, but that is okay. Turn on the English subtitles and check to see if you got the words right. This will seem very difficult at first, but as you continue to work in this way, you will find it gets easier and easier. For serious students, who don’t have English speaking friends, I think this is one of the best ways to learn.

Pronunciation, intonation and speech rate

Put a clip in A ~ B repeat, and mimic the pronunciation and intonation. Pretend you are the actor. Listen very carefully to how the words are joined together and which words are more stressed. Take care when choosing a movie for pronunciation practice. In the case of O Brother, Where Art Thou? the accent is very strong southern US English. It might be better to make a shortlist of the movies you like, and ask your teacher which one would be best.


Use the Top 5 notebook making notes at the front, and adding words you seriously want to learn, in the back. This way of working with new words works really well when using movies to learn English.

Research your movie

There are lots of things on the Internet that will help you, and many of them are free. A Google search for Dumb And Dumber Script will take you to Screenplays For You, where you can download the script free. They are not always completely accurate, but they are very useful for learning English. You can also find subtitles for many movies by searching. You can get more information about most movies on Wikipedia or the movie’s home page.

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