Positive Thinking


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Look at this glass of water. Is it half-full, or half-empty? If you say half-full, you are an optimist. If you say half-empty, you are a pessimist. This test is very simple, but it does suggest many things about our attitudes. An optimist, being positive and having a half-full glass, enjoys what is left to drink. On the other hand, a pessimist is already worrying about the end of the drink, which must affect the enjoyment of it. For both people, the end is the same, but the experience of the drink is different. If we look for the positive things in life, we will probably enjoy it much more. Find things that give you the feelings of love, joy and happiness. Be kind and help others, this will keep you thinking in a positive way.


A positive attitude will create positive thoughts and ideas, leading to a positive outcome. So how can I use this to improve my life? You need to talk to your deeper mind and set a goal. This is called self-suggestion, and it is very powerful.

If you want to improve some part of your life, there are two things you need to do.

  1. 1.Decide how you would like to be in the future. For example, I will speak English fluently within five years. Remind yourself of your goal often.

  2. 2.Start doing things to make this happen. Study every day, find English speaking circles, take any English classes you can, talk to native speakers any chance you get, etc. If you are positive, help will come, and it will happen.

Speaking English is only an example. You may want to start your own fashion brand, become a TV newscaster or study in another country. The point is, we need to focus on our dreams and do things to make them real. We need to use one of the most powerful gifts of the human mind, positivity.