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                       Vocabulary building games

                              Read the story and try the crossword. Learn new vocabulary    

                              and express yourself more! The World Sand Shortage

                       Arts and culture

                              Extraordinary topics for culture vultures. Making 

                              music on a PC. Take a look at this basic studio guide

                              How to Make Beats

                       Learning English movie reviews

                              How to have fun learning English with movies. There are so many ways.

                              Review of the unique fantasy comedy > Groundhog Day  Also, check out

                              Teaching and Self-study with movies on the Info page

                      Books for English language learning                     

                          < EnglishClip Speaking FREE NEW 15 x 90 min lessons in 16 pages

                             Fun flexible teaching framework for one, or two, semesters.



English learning and teaching information

                                  Helping you with self-study - Power learning using movies

                                  Power teaching Teach English using movies 

                                  New Words - Vocabulary Homework.pdf

                                  Cambridge English/ English Dictionary

                                  Oxford English/ English Dictionary

                                  Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary

                      Funny listening lessons

                             Get some listening practice and learn new vocabulary

                             with Justin and Ralph’s funny stories.

                             Also DIY Because We Can!

                      English through songs

                             Listen to some great songs and learn some new English words and

                             expressions with these wonderful artists. Madilyn Bailey’s song Wiser                                                                                           

Free English learning and teaching materials. Self-study fun and teaching ideas. Keep your English alive and growing. EnglishClip is made by one teacher - small is different. Please share with your friends. Justin - It’s got to be fun! 

New - Reading for Speed and Fluency

I am adding interactive puzzles for these books with pair-work activities for class. You can use the crosswords to build your vocabulary even if you don’t use these books! Take a look >

Easy English Writing Steps - 2nd Edition + Videos

100% FREE download A student reference book - teacher’s course framework. NEW video guide for teachers! A lighter approach to writing - Make them smile :-)